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Website: Les Cellules paroissiales d'évangélisation

Juste quelques mots pour vous partager l'existence d'un mouvement d'espérance pour l'Église au Québec: les Cellules Paroissiales d'Évangélisation.

Website: Kiva

Despite the many evils that circulate on the Internet, I firmly believe that it can also be a powerful tool for good. The Kiva website is an example of what I mean.

Kiva is an example of micro-financial lending, in which participants like you and me don't *give* money so much as *lend* it to micro-entrepreneurs who are then obliged to pay it back. Of course, by paying it back the money then re-enters the borrowing and lending cycle and can be used to help another micro-entrepreneur.

This kind of thing really tickles me, especially given my background in finance. I mentioned in my previous post how the poor are often caught in cycles of usurious loans which keep them down. These kinds of programs are a real chance to break free.

World Wide Marriage Encounter

From a comment on my personal blog, 2000 Stories, a reader makes the following suggestion:

Have you heard of Marriage Encounter?
The Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend is a positive and personal experience offering married couples an opportunity to learn a technique of loving communication that they can use for the rest of their lives. It's a chance to look deeply into their relationship with each other and with God. It's a time to share their feelings, hopes and dreams with each other.

Can you add a link to your website?

Just did. Thank you!

Website: The Crossroads Initiative

A reader sent in a link to a site produced by Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio called The Crossroads Initiative. She reports that she finds it especially useful for Bible study. Dr. D'Ambrosio is well-known as a reliable witness to the Catholic faith, so I am going to add this link to our Adventus list of links.

Website: Biblia Clerus

People sometimes wonder what the Catholic Church is doing with the Internet. One of the offices at the Vatican, the Congregation for the Clergy, has actually been quite involved, taking advantage of the opportunities the Internet offers. Just recently, the launched a new service: Biblia Clerus, a resource tool for biblical research that is amazingly extensive and comprehensive. A worthy addition to the web site listing, I'd say!

Website: New Release Tuesday

Interested in Christian music? Interested in keeping up with Christian music? Well, then, here is the website for you:

The Gospel of Mark, performed

When the Gospels were originally written the authors drew upon source material already present in a Christian oral tradition. In other words, many passages of the Gospel are actually stories meant to be told rather than texts meant to be read. I first saw this in action when I saw a video of a priest who, rather than reading the gospel from the lectionary on Sunday, would memorize the text and "tell the story". It was like I was struck by lightning — the text came alive in a new and powerful way.

With that background, I'd like to call your attention to something suggested by one of the readers of Mark's Gospel Live, a "performance" of that particular gospel by the Rev. Joseph Morris. I don't know anything about him, nor about his church, but the idea looks interesting. If anyone has had an experience of this particular work of art, please drop a comment!

Global Day of Prayer

A few years ago a South African businessman felt a call to bring together Christians from different denominations in a time of prayer of repentance, asking the Lord to renew his Church and heal its divisions. From this came the Global Day of Prayer, which will be taking place this year on Pentecost Sunday. This movement of prayer has spread rapidly across the world and across the churches. It has even grown from beyond a single day to a series of prayer events: a 10-day preparatory time, a 90-day period of follow-up prayer, and so on. There is plenty of downloadable material from the website should anyone wish to know more, or even organize an event of their own. Check it out!

World Day of Prayer for Priests

A reader sent along this message:

I was watching EWTN last night and thought you and any other priests or laity
you know may be interested in the following web site: World Day of Prayer for Priests

Thanks for that! Let's pray for all our priests, that they may ever increase in holiness!