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Interested in Christian music? Interested in keeping up with Christian music? Well, then, here is the website for you:

Christian music resources

A friend sent along the following message:

I just wanted to pass onto you this website that I stumbled upon as I was searching for lyrics to a song. It's called, and it has all the traditional Christian hymns, with all the lyrics and an accompanying midi music to give you the melody. I was so excited, it's so cool! I'm not sure you'll be as excited as me, but hopefully you'll find an old song that you haven't heard in a while and sing along. That's what I did!!

The hymns on this site are taken primarily from the United Methodist Hymnal, but they are all hymns in the public domain and so are typically found in the hymnals of other Christian denominations as well.

This sort of site is excellent for helping people to discover the rich hymnody found in the English language, but I must confess I wish there was something similar to be found for authentic Gregorian chant. If anyone knows of such resources (or other sites similar to this one) please do pass it along!