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CATH 370 -- Administration of Religious Institutions

Welcome to the course page for CATH 370, a course dedicated to the Administration of Religious Institutions. This course is being offered through the Catholic Studies program of McGill University, but is open to continuing education students (including a non-credit option), as well as to students from other universities.

Religious institutions play a critical role in helping people translate their spiritual and moral values into everyday life. They often have a particularly important role in helping new immigrants integrate into Canadian and Quebec society, acting as centres of culture. In addition to their specifically religious functions, faith-based communities are major institutional players in education, health-care, social services, charity, and international development. They generate millions of jobs across North America and manage a remarkable array of assets.

The management of religious institutions environment has its own particular legal and social challenges, particularly within the Canadian and Quebec environment. Poor administration can seriously hamper the effectiveness of this social contribution. This course aims to help students enhance their knowledge base and skills so as to be able to critically assess and contribute effectively to the management of faith-based institutions.

This course is not just meant for pastors or other religious leaders! Many lay people contribute their time and administrative talent to community institutions by serving as trustees or directors, or even by founding new works. Their contribution is invaluable, as religious leaders are often trained in theology but not in administration. This course will help to bridge the gap, allowing lay people to better apply their secular management skills in a religious context.

Some details on the course: