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Montreal has a new shepherd!

It was announced in Rome today that the Pope has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Turcotte as Archbishop of Montreal. His resignation was offered when he turned 75, as is required by canon law.

Along with this announcement came the name of the next archbishop: Christian Lépine, with whom I was ordained last September! Deo gratias!

We have a meeting of the College of Consultors this morning at 8am to make things official. Check back for updates!

UPDATE: The College of Consultors met, with Archbishop Lépine taking canonical possession of the diocese as soon as the formal papers come in from the Apostolic Nuncio. This is a photo of the College, along with Archbishop Lépine and Archbishop-emeritus Turcotte.

The College of Consultors

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  1. Kristina says:

    Yipeee! Congratulations! I’ve been waiting to hear news from Montréal. :-)

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