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Congrats to Cardinal Thomas Collins!

I’ve been in Toronto to be part of the welcome back celebrations for one of the worlds newest Cardinals, Thomas Collins of Toronto:

The Two Toms

I took the train in to Toronto yesterday, which actually gave me a lot of time to get some work done (particularly reading). Once in Toronto a driver met me and took me to the hotel, where there was a simple private cocktail and dinner for the bishops gathered to celebrate this moment with their brother now a cardinal. I hit the day early, as I was pretty beat. The next day a small bus took us to the Toronto cathedral, where Cardinal Collins preached an excellent homily (click for the full text). The reception after was a hoot as well, as I had a chance to run into a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a long while. Still, I had to scoot fairly quick (a special thanks to the priests of the Neo-catechumenate, who gave me a lift back to the train station) to catch my train ride home.

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