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Offering thanks to those who helped organize the ordination

Today Bishop Lepine and I had a chance to offer our thanks to those at the office who helped organize the ordination — invitations, ceremony, reception, and so on. It was team effort, including someone from liturgy services, someone from the chancery, our communications people, the Cardinal’s MC, and so on, all coordinated by the Vicar General. The event was simple, just a bit of coffee and cake after lunch, but I do feel it is important to highlight how generous people were in giving of their time and talent to make everything such a success. For example, at least one person essentially sacrificed her vacation to play her part — wow!

Of course, there were many others involved who were not present at the celebratory dessert, so let me take this chance to post here my tremendous gratitude to all of them. The ordination was truly a celebration of the Church, not just in its liturgy, but in everything surrounding the event. I remain deeply honoured by the generous contributions of everyone.

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